We only know 96% of substance in the universe

Do you know that the “ordinary” substance that we think of when we imagine the word “substance” or “matter” is only 4% of all the substance in the universe? The matter we learn in science classes at school, formed by atoms, or protons and electrons -that forms our bodies, desks and chairs, our planet and galaxies- is a very tiny fraction of all the matter in the universe.

23% of matter in the universe is “dark matter”, which is either invisible to our eyes or impossible to be observed by the current technology that we have. We know dark matter exists, but we don’t know what it actually is, but it should be out there, because if it does not exist, solid scientific laws could be corrupted.

The other 73% of the matter in the universe is what is known as “dark energy”. Dark energy makes up the bulk of the energy in the universe, but we don’t know what it is, the same as dark matter, because we can’t observe it.

Science has come a long way in the 21st century, but we still don’t know anything about 96% of the matter in the universe. One example is thunder. We did not know what thunder was until the 19th century because we did not have the means to prove what it was. We know, however, thunder is undoubtedly electricity in this 21st century.

Mysteries are a motive for scientists all over the world, working day and night to prove them, and that science keeps advancing in order to discover unknown things to be known.

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